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"Happiness Tip Of The Day: To find your happiness in life, trust your instincts. "

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“I have been leading top notch sales teams for over 35 years and I got a lot of powerful useful information from your (XCEL) presentation Cathy“

Fortune 100 Executive in Global Services

I wanted to pass on my thanks as well! The information you provided was insightful and thought provoking. After the (XCEL) webinar, one of my team members commented on how much she enjoyed the discussion/presentation. Thank you for ALL you do to put us on the path to our own “Happy Place!”

S.S, Manager, HR Recruitment
Global Fortune 100 Company

Recently I had the privilege and pleasure to work with Dr. Cathy Greenberg when she was a featured guest speaker at a webinar presentation for leaders of a large Fortune 100 company. Not only did I find the XCEL webinar to be extremely relevant, beneficial, AND inspirational, but the comments I received from leaders who participated reflected sentiments such as “awesome,” “fantastic,” “excellent,” just to name a few of the unsolicited comments received. Webinars can be difficult when it comes to participants engagement, but Dr. Greenberg’s expertise, energy, use of exercises, and ability to connect with her audience keep the engagement level amazingly high. My only regret is that we could only spend an hour with her!

Ed Nottingham, PhD, ABPP Author, It’s Not as Bad as It Seems:  A Thinking Straight Approach to Happiness


             Making resolutions we can live with!

Happiness takes work - at home and at work. Plan to "schedule" happiness into your daily routine throughout 2011 with your own Happiness Agenda.

                             Using the "Agenda" model

A - align your time to your happiness goals (schedule time for fun)

G - give time to your "inner child" (be whimsical- it's not just about the gym, how about a play, a concert or the movies? When was the last time you saw a movie rated PG?

E - entertain yourself with cooking, games or music (how about a new iTunes list, or a Wii game- have you tried SUDUKO or other "brain games"...they help with memory too

N - novelty is key - look for a new way to have fun...try something NEW, join a cycling club, go to a SPA, have a massage, go on a vision quest...use your imagination.

D - dare to dream and schedule time for "journaling" .
Treat yourself to a simple but "pretty, fabric covered book" or craft your own ...Keeping a record of your thoughts is a key to "attracting" your dream come true!

A - allow yourself time for "indulging" you...YOU MATTER and 2011 is your year to shine!

Your own happiness is important - because happy moms make better moms and more successful professionals.

"Cathy Greenberg is a pleasure to work with. She truly 'walks the (happiness) walk,' which was evident when she worked with Momasphere recently on a live video event that pioneered a  new web-based video conferencing technology called Vokle. Still in Beta mode, to get things right we needed to put in additional time for testing and set-up. There is no doubt that Cathy's remarkable energy and commitment to the project insured its success." Melissa Lopata, Co-Founder, Momapshere 

"On behalf of the entire Planning Team, thank you for your participation in the first GWP Women's Summit!  We had more than 200 women leaders in attendance, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive..." Teresa Graham, Genentech

" I sent your book to a few friends who are going thru some tough times.  Each one has raved about it and they are putting the practices to use every day.   I still have not given Kim her copy back yet.  LOL!!!!  I keep going back and rereading different parts.  I swear, every young woman should be handed this book as they graduate high school.  or maybe as they enter....  Thanks again for making such a difference in my life and lives of so many women! " Jill Heim Assistant Director of Sales

The Rittenhouse Hotel


What Happy Working Mothers Know

Telling the stories of real working moms who have juggled and struggled their way to happiness, authors Cathy Greenberg and Barrett Avigdor provide an inspirational and instructive look at how working moms can add "happiness to their list of achievements.  Applying the science of happiness to honestly told stores of working mothers, authors show how happiness is not a luxury but a necessity for working mothers. In fact, happy working mothers are good for families, for employers and for everyone in between.

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